European commoN EneRgy dataSpace framework enabling data sHaring-driven Across- and beyond- energy sErvices

The ongoing digitization of the energy transition generates an enormous amount of data, which can contribute to increased efficiency at the system level and facilitate the energy transition.

However, data sharing in the energy sector lags behind, mainly due to lack of trust, concerns about data privacy breaches, and immature business models.

EnerSHARE provides a solution for sovereign data exchange and shared data usage, enabling the transition to smarter and more decentralized paradigms capable of fully harnessing renewable energy sources at the local level.


ENERSHARE will provide a reference architecture for a European energy data space, hybridizing SGAM with IDSA and GAIA-X architectures by incorporating the perspective of the data value chain into the energy sector.

It aims to create the conditions for establishing a European energy data space by aligning with EU-level initiatives such as GAIA-X, IDSA, BDVA, ETIP SNET, and BRIDGE. The project aims to contribute to the standardization of the data space and create equal conditions for data sharing.

Project Partners

Funding: The project is funded by the European Union under grant number 101069831.

The consortium consists of 30 partners led by ENGINEERING SPA.