Cyber Securing Energy dAta Services


CyberSEAS aims to enhance the overall resilience of energy supply chains by protecting them from severe cyber attacks. To achieve this, the proposed solutions in this project aim to leverage advanced stakeholder and consumer engagement models. The challenges arising from the increasing integration of decentralized energy resources (DERs) and the persistence of legacy systems within the system are also taken into account.

The project aims to develop an open and scalable ecosystem of 30 customizable security solutions that provide effective support for key activities such as risk assessment, device interaction, secure development and deployment, real-time security monitoring, capability enhancement and awareness, as well as certification, governance, and collaboration.

The solutions proposed within the framework of CyberSEAS will be validated through a progressive pilot approach, starting with laboratory deployments and continuing with on-site implementations.

The Fraunhofer Center for Digital Energy will contribute a laboratory focused on the integration of decentralized energy sources and the electrification of transportation (e-mobility).


Using simulation and emulation, current and future challenges for the energy supply chain are examined at different levels of detail. In addition to pure simulation or operation, simulation environments can be coupled with hardware components to create an expandable cyber-physical laboratory. The laboratory provides significant integration of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and OT (Operational Technology), which not only replicates the existing operator infrastructure but also provides additional insights into the challenges that arise from a more or less fully ICT-networked distribution grid.

Project Partners

Funding: The project is funded by the European Union under grant number 101020560.

The consortium consists of 26 partners, led by ENGINEERING SPA.