Cyber Security

Advancing Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector through Integrated Research in Cyber-Physical Laboratory Environments and Co-Simulation

Cybersecurity in the energy sector is a complex field that requires a variety of approaches and methods. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of comprehensive data on IT security incidents, which hampers the development of new cybersecurity solutions. The Digital Energy Research Center addresses this challenge by utilizing cyber-physical laboratory environments enhanced with co-simulation techniques. This integration allows for a more realistic replication and analysis of IT security incidents.

The cyber-physical laboratory environments at the Research Center are specially equipped to test the flexibility and scalability of security solutions. The incorporation of co-simulation deepens these tests by enabling additional scenarios and interactions between various system components to be simulated. This methodology is crucial for validating security approaches and generating benchmark datasets for standardized analysis and comparison of cybersecurity solutions in the energy sector.

A special focus of the Research Center is on the human-centered application of these integrated environments. It develops training environments for energy sector personnel to practice in IT security incidents simulated through co-simulation. This enables the testing of effective response measures and strategies that align with Incident Response and Business Continuity plans.

The use of cyber-physical laboratory environments combined with co-simulation by the Digital Energy Research Center represents a significant advancement in investigating and improving cybersecurity. This integrated approach forms a crucial foundation for the future of the energy sector by contributing to the development of new security solutions, improving risk management, and enhancing resilience against cyber-attacks. Thus, the Research Center makes an indispensable contribution to securing the digital infrastructure in the energy sector, which is of paramount importance in our increasingly connected world.