Digitalization is generally accompanied by changes regarding networking and interconnectedness in companies as well as for individuals. Pressured by disruptive innovations and new technologies, the public and private sectors and large parts of society must adapt at an unprecidented rate.

The transforamtion of a historically grown energy system can only be achieved by establishing digital processes. These include grid expansion and connection testing along with digital solutions for the secure and stable operation of energy grids. In addition to opportunities, the digitization of the energy system is also accompanied by new types of complex challenges, which form the basis of application-oriented research at the interface between energy technology, computer science and communications technology.

Development of Methods, Technologies & Tools

With the help of digital technologies, we want to contribute to a climate-neutral energy system. In doing so, we consider both the digitization of infrastructures (electricity, gas, heat) and their players (grid operators, energy suppliers,...), but also the digitization of municipalities or the industries and households connected to the energy system (e-mobility, heat pumps,...).

We are focussed on the question of which digital technologies can contribute to the realization of a reliable, affordable and climate-neutral energy system and how these need to be implemented. Together with our partners in the Fraunhofer Center Digital Energy, we develop application-oriented solution methods, technologies and tools...

  • …for dealing with emerging complexity and heterogeneity (reliable software, architectures, middleware, usability, acceptance...)
  • …for providing suitable devices and communication infrastructure (reliable systems &hardware and systemic resilience).
  • …for dealing with emerging large, heterogeneous data masses (Big Data analytics, visualization, machine learning...)
  • ….for creating market structures and incentive mechanisms that promote innovation (platform economy)

Our Cyber-Physical Systems

At the Fraunhofer Center Digital Energy, our scalable cyber-physical laboratory forms the basis for research into complex combined energy and information technology systems. This provides a functional representation of the energy infrastructure (primary, secondary, control room, information and communication technology) of today's and tomorrow's power grids and the systems connected to them. The holistic research environment, including real, emulated and simulated assets, enables the development of information technologies directly in the critical infrastructures of the power supply system.