Power Quality

Examination of the power quality

It is the task of the grid operator to ensure a high quality of the supply voltage. On the one hand, this is achieved by imposing specifications on component manufacturers that limit the emission of interference. The Digital Energy Center is able to carry out measurements that validate compliance with various interference levels. In addition, controlled variations of the network situations can be used to check whether the limit values set are sufficient and appropriate or should be adjusted.

Furthermore, unforeseen problems with the power quality can occur despite suitable limit values. This may be due to malfunctions or unforeseen grid situations. The increasing integration of active components in energy networks increases the probability of such causes. In order to identify these situations and localize problems, comprehensive power quality monitoring is necessary in the long term. The Center for Digital Energy can also test measuring equipment and data processing algorithms for wide-area monitoring systems in realistic situations in the laboratory. This benefits measuring system manufacturers during development and grid operators during integration of these systems.