Measurements and Verification

Certification of Generation Units

Stable grid operation requires that generation units behave in accordance with predetermined rules. These include, for example, static and dynamic voltage regulation or various protective functions. These requirements are defined in grid connection guidelines for the various voltage levels, such as VDE 4105 for generation plants on the low-voltage grid or VDE 4110 for plants on the medium-voltage grid.

The system operator must prove conformity with the relevant grid connection guidelines to the grid operator. This proof can be provided by measuring the generation unit in the laboratory.

Unit certification can be achieved by demonstrating conformity with relevant rules within the joint testing facilities of the Fraunhofer Center and RWTH Aachen University as well as an accredited testing laboratory. The test field provides both a powerful medium-voltage grid connection and the required testing facilities, such as low-voltage ride-through (LVRT) and high-voltage ride-through (HVRT) test containers, a grid simulator, and suitable power sources. In collaboration with experienced testing engineers from the partner laboratory, all necessary laboratory measurements for the certification process of synchronous machines, such as combined heat and power plants in the range of several hundred kilowatts, or photovoltaic and storage inverters up to approximately 100 kilowatts, can be conducted.