EnTEC Releases Report on a Common European Energy Data Space

The energy transition requires additional flexibility options in the electricity system to coordinate resource-dependent generation and demand. The management and control of this flexibility require an advanced digital ecosystem for communication between organizations and devices. The Common European Energy Data Space will facilitate the participation of flexible energy sources as outlined in the EU's action plan for digitizing the energy system.

This report, researched and written by the Energy Transition Expertise Centre (EnTEC) on behalf of the European Union, develops a plan for the implementation of said Common European Energy Data Space. It includes an inventory of actors and services related to flexibility in the European energy market and in European research projects with high technological readiness, which may become future users and contributors to the data space. The provision of flexibility has been analyzed in three high-level use cases: (i) virtual power plants and aggregation; (ii) price-responsive charging and discharging, as well as balancing services from electric vehicles; and (iii) smart residential flexibilities.

The report in English can be read and downloaded from the European Union's website.