innovative Energy Storage TEchnologies TOwards increased Renewables integration and Efficient Operation


The increasing integration of renewable energy sources and the transition towards a decentralized energy system require optimizing grid operations through the use of flexibilities. According to numerous system studies conducted in Europe, energy storage technologies play a prominent role in providing such flexibility. It is crucial to advance the development and deployment of innovative storage concepts to promote new storage technologies and to develop autonomous and hybrid storage solutions. This is aimed at furthering the integration of renewables while optimizing grid operations. Within the i-STENTORE project, technological and digital solutions are being developed to examine and ultimately facilitate the large-scale deployment of storage solutions in Europe, including through the use of demonstrators.


In this context, energy storage systems are not only used to balance generation fluctuations but also to act as active grid components and market participants. This enables the provision of services for network resilience, stability, and efficient operation of the energy supply. The focus is particularly on exploring hybrid operation, where different storage technologies are simultaneously deployed in various markets to provide different services. Novel business models are being developed to identify positive and attractive scenarios for storage operators. Simultaneously providing multiple services has the potential to enable more cost-effective operation of energy storage technologies and enhance economic outcomes.


Central results and contributions of Fraunhofer FIT:

  • Blueprints for novel solutions for the deployment of hybridized energy storage technologies, as well as improvements to existing technologies and materials. 
  • OPEN APIs that enable seamless and technology-independent integration of energy storage systems into any existing infrastructure, catering to various demand sectors. 
  • Reference architecture for optimized integration of storage technologies to promote the share of renewable energy sources and flexibility, along with the corresponding implementation of the digital platform i-STENTORE. 
  • Innovative business models for energy storage, facilitated by a techno-economic study that includes indicators for sustainability, technical performance, and integration with other economies. 
  • A toolbox with enhanced proprietary tools and applications for optimal storage control management and operation, orchestrated by an intelligent business layer, including a VPP with an integrated flexibility registry. 
  • A regulatory roadmap for unlocking the potential of energy storage systems. Around these activities, a network of stakeholders is being established, covering all stages of the value chain from production to operation to recycling, to foster a European ecosystem for energy storage.

Fraunhofer FIT is responsible for the scientific coordination of the project. Additionally, we contribute to the toolbox with improved legacy tools, applications, and systems for optimal control of energy storage and other interconnected assets. We also contribute to the analysis of end-user requirements and their interaction with EU policies and the legal framework. Fraunhofer FIT takes a leading role in the development of novel business models for energy storage technologies and contributes to standardization activities for data sharing in energy storage systems.

Project Partners

Funding: European Union, funding number 101096787


The i-STENTORE Consortium consists of over 25 partners.