Quantum Technologies and Energy Grids

Project »QuGrids« receives funding from the state Ministry of Culture and Science to lay the groundwork for quantum technologies in energy grids.


EnTEC Study on Common European Energy Data Spaces

The published report comprises a plan for the realization of a common European Energy Data Space.


Antonello Monti receives UNIPRENEURS award

Recognition for commitment to university spin-offs.


Ergonomic assistance systems for network control stations

The aim of the »Beautiful« project is to optimize the working conditions of control center personnel in critical infrastructures.

Research for Businesses


Energy Systems

We research and develop cross-sectoral and climate-neutral energy systems of the future.



From more efficient grid usage through automation or intelligent grid control technologies, to reducing the workload of specialists through assistance systems, to CO2 transparency; we explore the potential of digitalization in the energy sector.


IT Security

Technologies, concepts and methods for preventing, detecting and responding to IT security incidents: We develop application-oriented IT security technologies for critical infrastructures within our own control systems.


Business Models

Decentralized generation, prosumers or local energy markets are just a few aspects of the energy sector of the future. Established business models must be put to the test and new opportunities for value creation must be found.