Modular Grid Control Systems

Today, distribution grid infrastructures already face the challenge of having to solve an increasingly complex supply challenge. Whether due to new types of consumers, the electrification of fossil sectors or the increasing number of smaller and more volatile generation technologies, the demands on grid operation will rise steadily in the coming years.

One way for operators to counter this development at optimal cost is to use sensor technology for increased grid transparency. Equally important, however, will be modern software solutions that can process this data reliably and present information transparently to the operating personnel. In order to do justice to the different structures and conditions of the network infrastructures, the use of more flexible grid control systems is therefore increasingly coming into focus.

The SOGNO architecture, initially developed by Antonello Monti, follows a modular open-source approach to form a demand-oriented, flexible and future-proof network control system. Depending on the requirements of a particular network, individual components of the control system (e.g. state estimation, voltage band monitoring, load forecasts,...) can be added or updated. The SOGNO architecture is independent of the chosen communication media and can be implemented as a centralized or as an edge cloud approach. Furthermore, the approach provides plant operators and automation software developers with an open source framework that provides open APIs, integrates new automation functions and at the same time supports industry standards (e.g. CIM IEC61970). 

We offer the following services in this context

  • Software extensions / integration of SOGNO components according to customer requirements
  • Training related to SOGNO architecture, deployment in (local) cloud environments or single SOGNO components
  • Training for standards, technologies and tools used in SOGNO (e.g. CIM) 
  • Studies based on SOGNO components (e.g. simulations)