Control Room

Training Environment for Control Centers

Training simulator for control room personell

Grid operators are increasingly faced with the challenge of preparing their dispatchers adequately for critical situations and tasks in control system management. In addition to the increasing complexity of system management due to new concepts such as Redispatch 2.0, the number of critical events e.g. cyber attacks or natural disasters is also on the rise. This increases the volatility of the work load and stress on the dispatchers. Targeted training for these types of events is needed to both prepare dispatchers for these situations and improve their work load levels.

The control room at the Fraunhofer Center for Digital Energy offers the possibility to recreate specific events and workflows by means of a integrated simulation environment. Industrial control systems are used for this, which can be individually parameterized for the grid operator, e.g. to map their grid models. This allows critical scenarios, such as a natural disaster, to be tested and trained on the real system. With four workstations and a monitor wall, system operation with four parallel dispatchers can be simulated simultaneously. The simulation and the linked scenarios can be controlled directly by the dispatchers themselves at their workstations or externally via a trainer. It is also possible to carry out red team and blue team exercises, where the trainees compete against each other in a game and rehearse a cyber attack scenario, for example.